So long, Churchless Pastor!

The ChurchlessPastor is still Churchless, but then again not really.

Thanks for all who have read my thoughts over the past year or so. I have really enjoyed the conversations—digital and otherwise—that have resulted from this blog.

But it is time for a change.

This is the last blog post that will ever occur on the ChurchlessPastor, and starting today, I will be posting instead on Why the change? Well, there are a couple of reasons, and I want to share those with you as a final, parting thought.

1. The name was confusing and negative.

I always thought the name of this blog was a clever paradox. While I still think that’s true, the name is confusing. It typically needs to be explained so that people understand what I really meant was that I am an ordained pastor who just doesn’t have his own congregation but rather leads his readers online. That doesn’t translate in the name, and that has become evident.

But it is also negative. “Churchless” is an inherently negative word, and I don’t want anyone to think that I “don’t need a church,” or that I’m not part of a church. I am. I worship at a great church in Louisville, KY. This site was in no way meant to suggest that Christians don’t need the church or that we don’t need the help of other believers to live lives that are pleasing to the Lord. That is a real connotation that I have had to explain as a consequence of naming this site what I did.

2. Submission is a Good thing.

Speaking of needing a church family, much of this decision comes from the elders at said church. These are their observations and conversations they have had with people. Let me be clear. A big reason I am letting the ChurchlessPastor drift into the abyss of forgotten internet blogs is because the elders of my church asked me to and I am willingly submitting to their guidance and authority.

Do I have every right to continue writing on this site? Yes. Even if it is against their wishes? Yes. Doesn’t that fly in the face of freedom? No.

At a basic human level, submission is a natural thing. We submit to government, teachers, the judge in traffic court (and the officer that sent us there), our parents, our bosses, and many more entities on any given day. Yet as Christians, the call to submit to the eldership or leadership of your church is often scoffed at. In reality, we are called to submit to our elders and trust their leadership. So, while I still am attached to the clever paradox that I came up with in my head, they asked me to change, and I am trusting and submitting to that. It may mean losing traffic, starting from scratch and re-inventing the wheel, but this is a move I was asked to make and it is my responsibility as a member of the church to submit to that.

3. It isn’t accurate.

I’ve already said this above, but it bears repeating. I am an ordained pastor. I have spent time in full-time, preaching ministry. While I am not in that role now, I am not Churchless. I have an amazing church family that cares about how my family and I are doing. They keep up with us, notice when we aren’t around, and always wonder what is next for us. Even better yet, the emotional investment is reciprocated; we feel the same way about our friends at church.

So the ChurchlessPastor is no more, but hop on over to and keep engaging in the conversation. I hope to see you there!

Thanks for reading!


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