IMG_1790Jesus told stories about things his listeners would understand. He was relevant, and explained the Kingdom using real-life imagery. I am absolutely convinced that his followers today should follow the same model. I am an ordained pastor and seminary student, and I am always looking for ways that faith intersects with real life and the world around us. Naturally, there are more connections than fit into a preaching schedule. Thus, the birth of this blog!

In this blog I hope to:

  • Offer a unique commentary on current events
  • Have frank discussions about the tough questions presented by Scripture.
  • Connect faith to real life

I am a husband to the best wife a guy could ask for (Mallorie), and a proud papa to an amazing boy (Cade). I am a sucker for lousy sports teams — gotta love the underdog! And in my spare time I enjoy making music, doing graphic design, going to the zoo with my family, watching TV shows on DVD and getting behind on mowing the lawn.

I’m ordained but churchless, and passionate but positionless. My passion in the realm of faith is the “God lens” that I believe all Christians are called to develop, that is, seeing every aspect of their world as God sees them, with discernment and concern for the eternal rather than the temporal. I believe all believers are called to full-time ministry, just not all on a church staff. I believe Jesus gave us a task to do here.

It will be fun to discuss some of these things here. I will post feature posts every Monday and Thursday, with some interesting thoughts in between. I hope we’ll each learn something!

Feel free to keep in touch:

What do you think?

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